Biostatistics & Analytics
Biostatistics & Analytics
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Involvement of biostatistician in a clinical trial happens since its inception. It’s the biostatistician who gives critical suggestions in every phase of the trial starting from designing the problem statement, study design, analysis plan till the final reporting of the trial results. At Samahitha we have the best team of statisticians who sit together and design the best analysis plan to arrive at results that are near to perfection.

We achieve it by providing you the following analytical services:

  1. ● Provide the best statistical consultancy tailored to your needs
  2. ● Our expert statistical services are ICH-GCP Compliant and are designed according to approved CDISC-SDTM and ADaM standard formats
  3. ● Our experts deliver their quality inputs for protocol that includes hypothesis, sample size calculations, Analysis plan customized to your study during the study start up
  4. ● Expertise in Adaptive and Bayesian designs to re-estimate sample size or change study designs or hypothesis in accordance with the trial progression
  5. ● Efficient data monitoring with the best Data Monitoring Committee
  6. ● Statistical Analytical Plan (SAP) that just fits right into your requirement
  7. ● Accurate output generation with our standard macros within the SAS programming systems