About Us
All You Need To Know About SRS-SMO
An SMO Operating Pan India

Samahitha Research Solutions is a Site Management Organisation known for its reliable site-related services. With a dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced team of clinical research professionals, we have a broader areas of expertise and hence we keep ourselves flexible when it comes to the services we provide.

Our Vision

To provide value based and remarkable site services across the globe by ensuring the comfort of our employees at the workplace which in turn ensures the astounding quality of the services rendered to the clients.

Our Mission

  1. ● To deliver our projects within the stipulated timelines and make sure the quality is never compromised
  2. ● To contribute our bit in accomplishing a healthy society with our Good Clinical Practice compliant and trial subject centric work approach
  3. ● To stand together and strive for excellence by creating a healthy work environment for our employees

Why Samahitha?

Being a global service provider for Sponsors/CROs as well as for sites, we have successfully established our credibility and laid a strong foundation in the field by quality services. The driving and motivational force for our quality work is the idea of contributing our bit to society, which has helped us provide satisfactory services to our clients. Once a client of Samahitha is always a client and would never look for an alternative. That is the quality of our services and work culture we follow.

Our Strength

  1. ● Project Director with PhD of 10 years of experience of handling 90+ trials
  2. ● Project Manager Clinical Operations with 12+ years of experience
  3. ● Dedicated and experienced CRCs and Sr.CRCs